David LaFlamme

We have shared such love together
 - Endless nights of love's delight
 - To dare to be as warriors seeking the mysteries of truth and life and right
 - A fusion of all elements transforming dark to light, the way to cosmic oneness and liberated sight.
           David LaFlamme - written for my beautiful wife Linda.

David LaFlamme, born May 4, 1941 in New Britain, CT. was raised in Salt Lake City, UT. Beginning his musical education at age five, David grew up to be a soloist for the Utah Symphony.  After serving in the army he moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1962. There he became an icon in the underground  scene performing with people like Jerry Garcia and Janis Joplin. After his short-lived Electric Chamber Orkustra, David co-founded an early incarnation of Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks before joining It's a Beautiful Day in mid-1967. A self-titled debut LP was launched on Columbia in 1969, scoring their biggest hit "White Bird."  After several albums he left the group and released two albums on Amherst records. Today he and Linda live in  California and continue to compose music and perform as their busy schedules permit.


Did you know? David LaFlamme has a sideline career as a character actor: "the Annoying Fiddler." He's appeared on Frazier, Ellen and Wings, among other shows, as the strolling musician who stands right at your table in a restaurant, sawing away on his violin.

The cabin on Soapstone Mountain (with sister and "Skipper")