Rob Cunningham

Since graduating from Sonoma State University in 1981 with a B.A. Music, Rob has performed with The Drifters (Bobby Hendrix), the Coasters (Leon Hughs), Al Wilson (with the hit "Show and Tell"), and Jerry Lawson (The Persuasions). He's also opened for Tommy Tutone, The Tubes, Foghat, Maria Muldaur, and Eric Martin.

A partial list of bands he's been with includes The Ecclectics, The Simplistics, Wild Life, The Pink Section, Roxy, Bang Theory, Hidden Pictures, Muddy Rivers Revue, The Zins, Tom Jonesing and Crossfire. When not otherwise occupied with Its A Beautiful Day, he continues to play with IABD drummer Val Fuentes and percussionist Michael Prichard in the Zins.

Says Rob: "I have been influenced by a vast number of musicians and bands, so here are a few: Led Zeplin, The Beatles, Zappa, Yes, The Who, John McLaughlin, Jeff Beck, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Wes Montgomery, J.S.Bach, Stravinsky, Debussy, Will Johnson (SSU), Mike Keneally, Frank Gambale, The Santa Rosa Symphony, and recently David and Linda Laflamme. The list goes on and on for me.

"It is a thrill to play with It's A Beautiful Day and be a part of the much larger story of David and Linda Laflamme and It's A Beautiful Day; I look forward to great music and good times with David, Linda, Val, Toby, Gary and Michael.

"Music is Life- breathe it, live it, love it. Peace and love to all."