David LaFlamme Still Burning Up Stages and the Airwaves

             West Palm Beach, FL – March 3, 2003 - When David LaFlamme & Band finished performing Saturday, February 22, 2003, all 620 seats at the Aladdin Theater were empty. The Portland, Oregon crowd found itself standing, which isn’t unusual when LaFlamme performs, but the ovation was mightily deserved.

            “I thought it would be a conservative booking, but the overnight sellout and show was nothing short of incredible,” said Mark Adler, Aladdin Theater.

            The same sellout scenario had played out the night before at the Wild Buffalo House of Music in Bellingham, Washington, just over the border from Vancouver, B.C. The manic crowd was on their feet from the moment LaFlamme’s bow touched the strings of his electric violin.

David LaFlamme’s timeless music is still burning up stages and the air waves. International superstar violinist/singer Vanessa Mae’s 2002 world tour opened and closed with her arrangement of LaFlamme’s “White Bird”. On the heels of Mae’s unveiling of the 60s platinum hit, Lorenzo Ponze’s debut CD features yet another version of “White Bird”. The emerging solo artist is also a violinist with Sheryl Crow.

A never-ending world-wide popularity of LaFlamme’s music is keeping the artist busy with performances from New York Florida to his home state of California. His music has also served as a backdrop and theme music for such major motion pictures as Contact, A Walk On The Moon, and Jerry Seinfield’s movie, Comedian.

In the late 60s David LaFlamme’s group, broke through the pop charts with a platinum album forever immortalized by the hit song “White Bird.” LaFlamme started as an icon in the San Francisco Filmore East and West underground music scene, with popular acceptance of his music grew to an international groundswell in less than three years.

The former Utah Symphony solo violinist has performed a unique contemporary blend of rock, classical, and bluegrass music with a wide diversity of music’s best, including Billy Joel, Santana, Chuck Berry, Jefferson Airplane, The Doors, The Beach Boys, Jimmy Hendrix, and dozens of other international stars.