1. All payments shall be made by certified check, money order, cash or bank draft. No money can be deducted from the contract fee.

2. PURCHASER nor audience has no right to record, transmit, or televise by any means or for any purposes the performances hereunder of any part thereof without permission from ARTIST

3. In case of late arrival due to circumstances beyond the control of the ARTIST (weather, airline faults, traffic delays, etc.) PURCHASER must use every resource to see the concert does take place when the ARTIST arrives in the city of engagement. The concert cannot be cancelled for the above reasons by the Purchaser without consent of the ARTIST.

4. The ARTIST reserves the right to cancel this contract in the event of an act of God, Government, restrictions or strikes.

5. The PURCHASER shall supply and pay for first class sound system plus professional engineer to run the sound system (reference Back Line and Line List below)

6. ARTIST has the exclusive right to sell and retain 100% of monies from merchandise such as CD s, Posters, T-Shirts, Videos, Photos, etc with own sales person if desired.

7. An adequately furnished dressing room shall be required for ARTISTS including chairs, towels, lavatory facilities, & sealed bottled water in dressing room & on stage.

8. PURCHASER to provide: Hot meal for each band member and road crew with meat and vegetarian options.

9. The PURCHASER to provide: Five Best Western standard rooms (1 dbl - 4 single) and ground transportation.

This plot is for the full band in a Festival Concert scenario. 
Smaller venues can require fewer monitor mixes. 
In typical 4 monitor mix venues we would use Rob, David, Linda, Gary as the 4 separate mixes. If 5 mixes available add Drummer.

  1. Fender Twin Reverb 65 reissue #1 (violinist) or equivalent (Clubs Fender Hotrod Deluxe 1X12 or equivalent)
  2. Fender Twin Reverb 65 reissue #2 (guitarist) or equivalent (Clubs Fender Hotrod Deluxe 1X12 or equivalent)
  3. Two elevated tilting amp stands for guitar amps (tilt legs on the Twins will work)
  4. Three guitar stands (for guitar, bass, tambourine)
  5. Fender Jazz Bass with round wound strings
  6. Ampeg SVT tube bass amp with 8x10 cab (Clubs - Eden WT800 with 4X10 cab or equivalent)
  7. If available: Hammond B3, or C3 with 2 speed Leslie ( if not, band travels with a portable Hammond SK-1 and requires items #7 thru #9)
  8. Keyboard X Stand and
  9. Padded Seat for keyboard 28" in height
  10. Roland KB500 keyboard amp or equivalent
  11. Full Maple Professional Drum kit - DW, Pearl, or Yamaha preferred
         22" kick with double bass pedal (Tama Iron Cobra double pedal preferred, DW 2nd choice)
         2 rack tom (10" & 12"), 1 floor tom (16")
         Hi-hat (Tama Iron Cobra preferred)
         Wood snare
         Cymbals (20" ride, 16 & 18" crash, 16" hats, nice china type if available
  12. (Not always required - only when requested)
         Three pro grade congas with "stand up" pro grade adjustable stands, ie: LP classics or Giovanni model quinto, conga and tumbadora
         One pr mounted bongo on an adjustable stand for stand up playing
         One pair sm /med pro grade Timbales on adjustable height stand
         One pro adjustable height cymbal stand

1. Female vocalist should be slightly behind in mix with David when singing with him

2. Violin should not be hot in the mix all of the time. Often he will play light back up parts during other's solos. Roll off highs as needed.

3. The Leslie should be very present/full in the mix

4. Back up vocal mics need to be equally up in the FOH mix to blend with David and Linda on harmonies.

5. Put a 240 ms delay on Harmonica solos if available

1. David requires that Linda (female vocalist) is NOT in his mix at all, only his vocal. He may need some Violin in his monitor on loud stages. Other as requested.

2. Linda wants mostly herself with a light blend of all other vocals

3 & 4 Guitar and Keys (opposite side of stage from each other) want an even blend of all vocals, others as requested. Should be on separate mixes.

5. Drums needs Violin, light overall vocal blend, other as requested.

6. Bass wants mostly his vocal with a VERY light blend of all other vocals, other as requested.

7. Percussionist as requested